The primary activity of the International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm (IMI) to support scientific visits to Sweden within the atmospheric, oceanic and climate sciences and closely related fields. Roughly 50 scientific visits are made possible each year through funding from the institute.

The length of these visits ranges from shorter visits (a few days to one or two weeks) to longer visits (a month or longer). While the shorter visits are often a part of a specifc research project, the longer visits can fulfill a different objective; to provide guidance, lectures and courses in the graduate education. The longer visits are often by researchers on sabbatical leave.

Most visitors come to the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University. IMI however also supports visitors to other institutes and departments at Stockholm University and elsewhere in Sweden which are engaged in research within relevant scientific domains.

At the Department of Meteorology, IMI provides working space, access to infrastructure (computers, labs, workshops etc.) and other support. IMI supports travel and lodging for the visitor and also an allowance for living expenses. In the case of longer visits (several months) IMI may also support the travel for accompanying family.

Visits are normally arranged in coordination with a host scientist at the Department of Meteorology or other institution. The host scientist should contact the IMI Director to check for availability of funding and to schedule the visit.