Hosts of IMI guests within MISU or other institutes should follow the guidelines below when arranging visits. The main administrative contact point is Agneta Malmberg; she will book transport and accommodation for guest.

1) When inviting a guest, inform him/her about the following:

  • IMI pays for travel, including transport to and from the airport (but not local transport during the rest of the stay). This can be done in 2 ways:
  1. Airline or train tickets are booked directly by IMI. Please ask guests to contact Agneta specifying their arrival and departure date/time, and if possible also specific flights.
  2. Airline or train tickets are purchased by the guest, who is then reimbursed after their trip. Original tickets must be provided to Agneta.

Option 1 is the preferred alternative. In either case, ground transport should be paid by the guest, who must provide Agneta with original receipts for reimbursement.

  • IMI arranges and pays for accommodation. Agneta takes care of this.
  • Guests will receive an allowance for living expenses of 500 SEK per day for visits shorter than 4 weeks; for visits longer than 4 weeks, the allowance is 300 SEK per day after the first 4 weeks. The allowance can be paid in 2 alternative ways:
  1. Directly by IMI through a bank transfer. In this case, the allowance is paid as salary and is subject to 25% Swedish income tax. It may also be liable to taxation in the guest’s home country. 
  2. The guest claims per diem reimbursement in their home institution; their institution then invoices IMI for reimbursement of these expenses up to the daily amounts specified above.

Option 2 may be preferable to guests (especially those from the USA) as it avoids any tax liability and other potential complications arising from salary payment.

2) As soon as possible, decide the dates for the visit and then:

  • Inform Agneta about the visit, so that she can arrange travel and accommodation. The guest may also contact her directly.
  • Book a seminar for the guest, following instructions here: . The seminar should preferably be  at 11.15 on a Tuesday.

3) About two weeks before the visit:

  • Confirm the seminar and provide at title to Marianne Lagerklint (
  • Send an email to ‘dok’ and ‘forsk’ about the visit asking who might be interested in meeting the visitor. Also contact other departments that you think may be interested.

4) During the visit:

  • Prepare a schedule for the guest, including the seminar and meetings with those who want to discuss with the visitor.
  • Hosts may take IMI guests out for 1 lunch or dinner at IMI’s expense, under the general rules for “extern representation” at Stockholm university (Regler för representation, gåvor m.m. vid Stockholms universitet). A receipt from the restaurant must be given to Agneta, together with a description of the purpose and the date of the dinner, and a list of the people participating. The dinner may cost up to SEK 1000 per person, including beer/wine but not liquor. IMI will normally pay for at most one participant from the host institution per IMI guest. The exception from this rule is that IMI may pay for an additional participating PhD student.