Here is a link to SUs overview of calls for applications. The selection of research funding is made ​​with respect to the University's external incomes; these are the fifteen largest funders for each faculty/area, and a number of foundations that are included in one of the major income items "Other foundations ...".

Several funders also calls for applications, such as travel and conference grants that can be applied for throughout the year. For information about these, please visit their website or contact

For some calls, there are internal processes at the SU before the application is sent to the funding agency, e.g. nomination or pre-proposal with a review and prioritization. This includes applications to the Wallenberg foundations, where there are internal instructions, templates and schedules, etc. available on Medarbetarwebben.

Important dates for MISU

February 25: VR International postdoc.

March 6. KVA/STINT/SSF: JSPS postdoctoral scholarships (Japan); JSPS postdoctoral fellowship program (short-term); JSPS Summer Program (;;

March 26. VR: Infrastructure (

April 9. VR (NT): Project funding; Project funding for young reserachers.

September VR: Internat. postdok (

Some of the largest research funders

European research funding - Horizon 2020

Finally, a few links for those who want to know more about current calls and other useful information: