Greta de Ridder (8534 Kb) , Lightning in Scandinavia — Historical and Future conditions in a High-resolution Regional Climate Model

Tobias Lord (7480 Kb) , Identifying and Predicting Forecast Busts in the Scandinavian Mountains

Ziqi Yin (6331 Kb) , Ice-ocean interactions in a Greenland fjord

Iris de Vries (11565 Kb) , Extreme precipitation events in the Middle East: Representation of synoptic circulation features in early and late 20th century reanalysis data


Mikael Sjöstrand (6008 Kb) , Investigating a piece of the cloud microphysics
parameterization puzzle: simulation of ice nucleation in mixed-phase Arctic clouds

Aiden Jönsson (9897 Kb) , Searching for atmospheric signals in states of low Antarctic sea ice concentration

Beatrice Säll (4399 Kb) , Evaluation and validation of Copernicus Atmosphere
Monitoring Service regional ensemble forecast of air pollutants and birch pollen in the Stockholm region

R Annisa Dhini Septi Kinasih (2146 Kb) , Understanding the drivers of North American cold spells in presents and future climates

Markus Janghede (7289 Kb) , Temperature retrieval from limb measurements of O2 emission – a pre-study for the MATS satellite

Julika Zinke (14048 Kb) , A miniaturised balloon-borne cloud water sampler:
Development, deployment and chemical analysis of samples obtained in the high Arctic

Malin Boman (7637 Kb) , Convective storm characteristics in numerical weather model for West Africa - How the model represent precipitation

Max Lindberg Stoltz (7140 Kb) , Geomagnetic Impact on Upper Atmospheric Nitric Oxide


Ellen Berntell (5055 Kb) , Multidecadal rainfall variability in Sahel

Linn Karlsson (16780 Kb) , A modelling study on the effect of changing climate on sea salt emissions


Therese Gadd (6725 Kb) , On the optical properties of aerosol particles observed at Mt. Åreskutan, Sweden

Rickard Lindqvist (838 Kb) , Bistability of the thermohaline circulation examined with a one-dimensional fluid loop


Mikaela Andersson (1911 Kb) , Kommunal klimatanpassning; arbetssätt och behov - En fallstudie från Västmanland, 2014

Benedikt Ehard (5707 Kb) , Long-term lidar observations of gravity waves over northern Sweden, 2014


Leung Wai Nang (2526 Kb) , Analysis of North Atlantic jet stream variability from CMIP5 simulations, 2013

Nina Svensson (15048 Kb) , Evaluation of atmospheric dispersion models. Comparison with measurements in Stockholm, 2013

Kristoffer Molarin (3888 Kb) , Case study of CAT over the North Atlantic Ocean, 2013

Sara Broomé (1705 Kb) , Wind-driven and Topographically Steered Ocean Circulation in an Equatorial Basin, 2013

Nikola Jajcay (15318 Kb) , The dynamics of the Asian summer monsoon, 2013

Caroline Tollstadius (5066 Kb) , Cloud Radiative Heating over the Indian Subcontinent during summer monsoon, 2013

Bonnie Boberg (1878 Kb) , Simulating recent North-Eastern Pacific Hurricane Activity using the Canadian Regional Climate Model, 2013


Hans Chen (7265 Kb) , The Barents Oscillation and its impact on the Arctic climate, 2012

Narges Rastak (1461 Kb) , Modeling aerosol water uptake in the Arctic and its direct effect on climate, 2012

Eva L. Nygren (5822 Kb) , Temporal and vertical structure of the summer Arctic boundary layer, 2012

Mattias Burtu (774 Kb) , Estimating the zonal wavenumber dependence of the meridional energy transport, 2012

Gürol Çerçi (1868 Kb) , The strength of Lorenz energy cycle and its role for the generation of gravity waves in reanalysis data, 2012

Henrik Carlson (1002 Kb) , Equatorial Variability and Transition to Superrotation in Warm Climate Simulations, 2012

Charlotta Högberg (1233 Kb) , Large-scale structures in middle atmospheric water isotopes H216O and HDO using Odin satellite data, 2012



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