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Greta de Ridder, Lightning in Scandinavia — Historical and Future conditions in a High-resolution Regional Climate Model

Tobias Lord, Identifying and Predicting Forecast Busts in the Scandinavian Mountains

Ziqi Yin, Ice-ocean interactions in a Greenland fjord

Iris de Vries, Extreme precipitation events in the Middle East: Representation of synoptic circulation features in early and late 20th century reanalysis data


Mikael Sjöstrand, Investigating a piece of the cloud microphysics
parameterization puzzle: simulation of ice nucleation in mixed-phase Arctic clouds

Aiden Jönsson, Searching for atmospheric signals in states of low Antarctic sea ice concentration

Beatrice Säll, Evaluation and validation of Copernicus Atmosphere
Monitoring Service regional ensemble forecast of air pollutants and birch pollen in the Stockholm region

R Annisa Dhini Septi Kinasih, Understanding the drivers of North American cold spells in presents and future climates

Markus Janghede, Temperature retrieval from limb measurements of O2 emission – a pre-study for the MATS satellite

Julika Zinke, A miniaturised balloon-borne cloud water sampler:
Development, deployment and chemical analysis of samples obtained in the high Arctic

Malin Boman, Convective storm characteristics in numerical weather model for West Africa - How the model represent precipitation

Max Lindberg Stoltz, Geomagnetic Impact on Upper Atmospheric Nitric Oxide


Ellen Berntell, Multidecadal rainfall variability in Sahel

Linn Karlsson, A modelling study on the effect of changing climate on sea salt emissions


Therese Gadd, On the optical properties of aerosol particles observed at Mt. Åreskutan, Sweden

Rickard Lindqvist, Bistability of the thermohaline circulation examined with a one-dimensional fluid loop


Mikaela Andersson, Kommunal klimatanpassning; arbetssätt och behov - En fallstudie från Västmanland, 2014

Benedikt Ehard, Long-term lidar observations of gravity waves over northern Sweden, 2014


Leung Wai Nang, Analysis of North Atlantic jet stream variability from CMIP5 simulations, 2013

Nina Svensson, Evaluation of atmospheric dispersion models. Comparison with measurements in Stockholm, 2013

Kristoffer Molarin, Case study of CAT over the North Atlantic Ocean, 2013

Sara Broomé, Wind-driven and Topographically Steered Ocean Circulation in an Equatorial Basin, 2013

Nikola Jajcay, The dynamics of the Asian summer monsoon, 2013

Caroline Tollstadius, Cloud Radiative Heating over the Indian Subcontinent during summer monsoon, 2013

Bonnie Boberg, Simulating recent North-Eastern Pacific Hurricane Activity using the Canadian Regional Climate Model, 2013


Hans Chen, The Barents Oscillation and its impact on the Arctic climate, 2012

Narges Rastak, Modeling aerosol water uptake in the Arctic and its direct effect on climate, 2012

Eva L. Nygren, Temporal and vertical structure of the summer Arctic boundary layer, 2012

Mattias Burtu, Estimating the zonal wavenumber dependence of the meridional energy transport, 2012

Gürol Çerçi, The strength of Lorenz energy cycle and its role for the generation of gravity waves in reanalysis data, 2012

Henrik Carlson, Equatorial Variability and Transition to Superrotation in Warm Climate Simulations, 2012

Charlotta Högberg, Large-scale structures in middle atmospheric water isotopes H216O and HDO using Odin satellite data, 2012



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Individual undergraduate theses before 2012 can be aqcuired by contacting our study administrator.