Checklist Offical travels

Here is a short list of things to consider before and after making a trip:

  1. You need to use Egencia to book your train, boat or flight. Please, see more information below.
  2. Accomodation is usally suggested by the conference/course/host. If not, please have a look at our Green Hotels. Make sure to save all receipts.
  3. Before leaving, you need to fill out a Travel Notice (Reseanmälan) and hand in to Head of Administration together with a copy of your Letter of Invitation (Letter of Invitation, i.e. from university, organization, conference or other, that you will attend in your position as employee at Stockholm University). The form Travel Notice / Reseanmälan can be retrieved from the X-server.
  4. During travel, make sure to save all tickets/receipts from public transportation/taxi. However, please consider our environmental policy before taking a taxi.
  5. On return, please fill out the travel invoice in Primula as soon as possible. More information can be found below.

Have a nice trip!



You have to book all work-related travels through the travel agent Egencia. They provide a self booking system and can also be contacted for personal service..

Travel invoice

Invoices are created and sent online through Primula. More information is available at Reseräkningar (Swedish). Print, sign the invoice and any appendices and give them to the Financial administrator, along with all receipts and tickets you got during your trip. The Primula system, and what it means for you as an employee, is also explained here.