Work environment

The department is working to provide a safe and healthy physical, social, psychosocial and organisational work and study environment. Contact any of the Work Environment Representatives or persons responsible for the work environment (see below) regarding anything that can be linked to the work environment and safety at the Department. Both physical and mental safety and health is relevant including sexual harassment and bullying. If you want to be totally anonymous please use the SAMIR reporting system, see below.

The Work Environment Representatives at MISU and the Central Workshop (CW) for the period 2020-2022, are:

Jonas Hedin, regular at MISU and backup at CW
phone:08-164346, 070-6270371
room: C629a (inside Atmosfärfysik lab)

Emmy Nilsson, backup at MISU (on parental leave)

Joachim Dillner, regular at CW and backup at MISU
phone: 08-162410
room: C629 and CW room 109

The Ph.D./undergraduate student Work Environment Representative is appointed by the Ph.D council and is currently:

Jakob Beran
Room: C655

For more information about the Work Environment Representative and the Work Environment Law click here.

The persons responsible for the work environment at MISU are:

Sara Engström, Head of Administration
room: C604b

Ingrid Eronn, undergraduate students work environment
room: C604a

Other persons with special responsibilities can be found here:
Special responsibilities

Working groups

IMI Governing board


SAMIR (Säkerhet-Arbetsmiljö-Miljö-InRapportering)

SAMIR (~”Security-Work environment-Environment-Reporting”) is a support system for reporting crimes and safety deviations or deficiencies, work-related incidents/injuries and illness, and environmental deviations or deficiencies. The reports can be filed anonymously, and you can even file a police report.

SAMIR – Report a safety deviation/deficiency
SAMIR – Report to the Police
SAMIR – Report a work-related incident, illness or injury
SAMIR – Report an environmental deviation/deficiency

You will get an answer by e-mail, and you can log in and follow the handling of your report. Ask a Work Environment Representative for help if needed (some of the forms are only in Swedish).

Fire safety and emergency exits

In case of fire or other danger

  • RESCUE injured persons or persons in immediate danger,
  • WARN others affected by the danger,
  • ALERT the rescue services 112 and/or SU Security Guard (office hours: 08-16 2216     
    24-hours: 08-16 4200) answer the operator’s questions (alert while evacuating),
  • EVACUATE, close doors behind you to limit the risk area, take the closest emergency escape route and regroup at the designated area (do not use an elevator!),
  • EXTINGUISH the fire if assumed possible (but do not put yourself at risk!).

Evacuation plans are posted in the corridor on the walls:

  • outside seminar room C609, Rossbysalen
  • outside the staff lunch room,
  • in the northern end of the corridor, and
  • on floor 5 opposite room C502a.

Emergency escape routes. In case of fire/evacuation alarm, use one of the emergency exits (use the one closest to you, and do not use an elevator). The emergency exits are situated:

  1. at the northern end of the corridor,
  2. at the southern end of the corridor,
  3. in the middle of the corridor, opposite the staff lunch room,
  4. on 5th floor under the staircase, and
  5. in the Ekman room (C502c) on 5th floor.
Emergency escape routes at MISU


Regroup at the assembly point. After evacuating the building, head for the assemble area (by the grove across the lawn outside the entrance of the Arrhenius lab) and wait for further instructions.

Fire extinguishers. There are a number of fire extinguishers (foam and CO2) in the corridor and labs, as well as in the student lunch room (C625), Bjerknessalen (C651) and on the 5th floor under the staircase. They are all marked by signs on the wall above them. There are also water hose reels but they are primarily to be used by the fire fighters when they arrive.

NB! Boxes or other materials must NOT be stored in the corridor.


Safety and security

Everyone working/studying at MISU has their own access card; for the safety of your workplace do not let any unauthorized persons in. If someone without access card want to enter the department, ask who he/she is meeting and follow him/her to that person, or tell him/her to use the intercom system.

If criminal activity is discovered, regarding e.g. thefts, break-ins, disruptive or unauthorised individuals:

  • Call SU Security,
    office hours: 08-16 2216                                   
    24-hours: 08-16 4200 (ask to speak to the University security staff),
  • In immediate danger call 112,
  • SAMIR (Säkerhet-Arbetsmiljö-Miljö-InRapportering, see above): Report deviations or deficiencies in physical safety or make a police report. Ask the Work Environment Representative for help if needed,
  • Anonymous security notifications: Through the SAMIR-system or voice mail (08-16 1155), you can anonymously report crimes such as threats, harassments, assault, vandalism, theft, fraud, financial irregularities etc, or security flaws that could result in crimes further on.

First aid kits/Medicine cabinet

Located in the corridor on the wall outside the staff kitchen and contain:

  • fire blankets,
  • gas-masks,
  • eye wash bottle,
  • first aid kits,
  • painkillers (different kinds).

Simpler first aid kits can also be found on the wall outside the toilets at the reception and in the AP- (Atmosfärfysik, C629) and CM- (Atmosfärkemi, C659) labs. In the labs are also emergency showers and eye washing stations.

Radiation safety

Anyone who is going to work with radioactive material, please contact either Joachim Dillner or Emmy Nilsson (contact information provided above) for more information.

Stay updated

By the first aid kit and medicine cabinet outside the staff kitchen there is an announcement board with the MISU Crisis Plan, Alert list, and list of persons at MISU that have received the SU fire safety/extinguishing training and Heart and Lung Rescue/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLR/CPR) training (information in both Swedish and English).

The University together with Stockholm Fire Authority gives fire safety training courses for employees 2 times per year. The Work Environment Representative will send out information about when the course is given and how to register. It is recommended that all employees undergo this training.

It is also recommended that all employees should undergo a Heart and Lung Rescue/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLR/CPR) training. The University gives training courses several times per year, contact the Work Environment Representative for more information.

FIRE Safety trained staff at MISU

Kristofer Döös   
Room C668    Phone 08-16 1734

Emmy Nilsson    (on parental leave)
Room C654b  Phone 08-16 4103    Mobile phone 076-27 08 008

Linda Mégner      
Room C650    Phone 08-16 2534    Mobile phone 073-56 94 275

Frida Bender        
Room C644    Phone 08-16 4333   

Jonas Hedin        
Room C629a   Phone 08-16 4346    Mobile phone 070-62 70 371

Michael Tjärnström    
Room C628     Phone 08-16 3110    Mobile phone 070-20 56 631

Gunilla Svensson    
Room C610     Phone 08-16 4337    Mobile phone 070-25 55 471

Nils Walberg      (Central Workshop)     
Room 208       Phone 08-16 2426    Mobile phone 073-83 22 039    

CPR/HLR trained staff at MISU

Linda Mégner      
Room C650   Phone 08-16 2534    Mobile phone 073-569 4275

Frida Bender      
Room C644   Phone 08-16 4333

Michael Tjärnström    
Room C628   Phone 08-16 3110   Mobile phone 070-205 6631

Gunilla Svensson  
Room C610   Phone 08-16 4337   Mobile phone 070-255 5471

Nils Walberg   (Central Workshop)   
Room 208     Phone 08-16 2426   Mobile phone 0738 – 322 039