The crisis plan should contain telephone lists, step-by-step instructions, who to contact in the event of various incidents and more. MISU's crisis plan is organized according to a checklist established by the Rector on Dec. 18, 2014. It is of great importance that all staff know the crisis plan and who to contact in the event of a crisis.

More information about the crisis management plan at Stockholm University can be found at:

Printed versions of the MISU Crisis plan in Swedish and English can also be found on the announcement board in the corridor outside the staff kitchen.

A CRISIS can be:

  • FIRE
    Revealed cheating, dishonesty, falsehood (locally/centrally)
    Power / data / telecom / water outage, contagion, blizzard etc

Priority:    For contact details see the “EMERGENCY LIST” below

  • Call 112 in case of FIRE, INJURY, THREAT etc. that requires immediate help. Send someone to meet up with the emergency help outside and guide them to MISU.
  • Call SU Security Guard (office hours 08-16 2216, outside office hours 08-16 4200) in cases of THREAT, ALARM issues (when help through 112 is not required)
  • Contact MISU Crisis Group in the order listed on the “EMERGENCY LIST” below (if possible)

MISU Crisis Group:     For contact details see the “EMERGENCY LIST” below

  • Work Environment Representative (who is responsible to summon the rest of the group)
  • Head of Administration (responsible for Working Environment)
  • Head of Department

In case of fire or other danger

  • RESCUE injured persons; WARN others in the risk area.
  • EVACUATE, close doors behind you to limit the risk area.
  • ALERT 112 and/or SU Security Guard as well as MISU Crisis Group.
  • EXTINGUISH fire if possible without risk to yourself and others. MISU Crisis Group will handle the situation going forward and will call other staff when needed (such as group leaders, researchers etc.)

In case a TELECOM and/or POWER OUTAGE prevents you from contacting
112 or SU Security Guard and MISU Crisis Group:

        Orient yourself

  • Start solving problems
  • Make decisions
  • Get help from nearby people
  • Send someone to SU Security Unit to notify them and get help and information
  • Form a temporary Crisis Group


MISU Crisis Group:    

        Jonas Hedin Work Env. Repr.          08-16 4346 / 0706-270 371
          Room C629a                  
        Joachim Dillner Work Env. Repr.    08-16 2410
          Central Workshop and Room C629        
        Sara Engström Head of Admin.        08-16 4353 / 0721-474 360
          Room C604b                    
        Rodrigo Caballero Head of Dept.      08-16 4349 / 0734-604 873
          Room C666                   

SU Security Guard:   

During office hours                 08-16 2216
Outside office hours                08-16 4200
        Manne Siegbahn Bldg, Frescativägen 22C, basement

SU Security Unit:    

Thomas Hårberg      08-16 1025 / 0703-162 551
Jan Ekström             08-16 3545 / 0703-413 572
        Universitetesvägen 10F, Södra Husen, House F, floor 6

Call 112 for:        

Emergencies requiring immediate help
Fire, ambulance and/or police services

Your call will be answered by an operator at one of the SOS Alarm Centers - note that it may take some time. The SOS operator will dispatch the correct emergency service while talking to you, so stay on the line.

The SOS operator will want to know:
WHAT has happened?
WHERE did it happen? (MISU address: Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, floor 6)
HOW MANY persons are injured, what type of injuries do they have?
What PHONE NUMBER are you calling from?