Safety officers at the Department of Meteorology

Contact any of these four persons regarding anything that can be linked to the working environment and safety at the Department. Both physical at psychic safety and health is relevant including sexual harassment and bullying. If you want to be totally anonymous please use the SAMIR-service.

Emmy Nilsson
phone: 08-16 4103, 076-2708008
room: C629a

Jonas Hedin
room: C629a

Margurite Johansson
phone: 08-164334
room: C604

Nils Walberg
phone: 073-8322039, 08-162426
room: Centralverkstaden

More safety information available

Emergency exits (pdf) (36 Kb)

CPR trained staff staff at MISU (43 Kb)

Fire safety trained staff at MISU (44 Kb)

Crisis plan for MISU (119 Kb)

Emergency list with contact persons (88 Kb)



If you want to report something regarding safety at MISU or the University and prefer to be anonymous you can make a security notification through the SAMIR-service. You can also make a police report through SAMIR. Contact SAMIR.

Other persons with special responsibilities can be found here:
Special responsibilities

Working groups

IMI Governing board


Safety briefing

Emergency exit are situated at both ends of the corridor and in the middle of the corridor
Meeting place is outside the main entrance on the lawn


Fire extinguishers are in the corridor and is marked with a red sign on the wall
Fire extinguishing Courses is available twice a year (information by e-mail)

Accidents on the way to and during the work should be reported (it's an insurance claim) you can do it at the SU web site
First-aid kit outside the lunchroom in a green cupboard

Emergency call: dial 112

Assembly point MISU.
Assembly point MISU.


Emergency exits

See document: Emergency exits (pdf) (36 Kb)

Radiation safety

Anyone who is going to work with radiation material, please contact either Emmy Nilsson or Nils Walberg (contact information provided above) for more information.

Fire safety education

It is very important that all employees are aware off fire safety. Stockholm University organizes fire safety education twice a year. There will be an announcement by mail and the safety officer will help you to do the register for the course.