We have two regular seminar times at MISU:

  • Researchers and guests: Tuesdays 11.15-12.15
  • PhD students: Thursdays 14.15-15.15

The seminars are usually 40-45 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes question time. The seminars are usually held in room C609.

To book a seminar please email Agneta Malmberg agneta.malmberg@misu.su.se. The email should include information about:

  • Date
  • Name of presenter
  • Affiliation
  • Type of seminar (IMI, guest, research, review etc)
  • Title of seminar
  • Abstract (if any)
  • Zoom link (during the Corona pandemic)

Current seminars can be found under Events.


- PhD and staff seminars should be 30 minutes presentation, followed by 10 minutes discussion. The first 2 minutes of the discussion, the audience are asked to discuss relevant potential questions with their neighbors in the the room.

- Guest seminars should be 45 min presentation and 15 minutes question time.

- The guests can choose between a smaller group seminar organized by the host/research group or a broader seminar for the entire department. In the latter case the guest should be informed that the audience is diverse and an extended introduction is suggested (~20 min).