To book a room, please follow the link in the right column (Book a room).  You need to provide the following information:

  • Room
  • Date
  • Time (from - to)
  • Name of the person the room will be booked for
  • Reason (meeting, seminar etc.)

Booking rules

  • You can book all meeting rooms C502a Kuling, C502b Storm and C645 Orkan at MISU.
  • Lecture halls are booked by the student office. Request a booking by including the above information in an email to
  • You can book meeting rooms for one semester at a time. Reservation of next term opens when the administration is done with the reservation of rooms for seminars and massages.
  • You must book at least 15 minutes but no longer than 12 hours.
  • It is possible to book a round the clock and unlimited reservations.
  • Scheduling of teaching (undergraduate and graduate) are still made by the student office.
  • The education will always be prioritized. Should the meeting rooms be needed for this, any meeting might be moved to another room.

Information room reservation staff

  • Staff should log in to "Personal" with you SU ID and then select "Lokalbokning för Personal". For English, select "Room reservation for employees".
  • "Booked by" and Purpose is mandatory to enter. Reservation Comment is an optional field.
  • Only the one who booked it, can cancel and change the booking comment on their reservations on the web booking and web display.
  • Reservations made by staff on the web can be canceled/rebooked by users who have permission to reserve the institution of the client (student office).
  • "Booked by" and the booking comment appears below the column information on the input to "Search Schedule" and links Schedule, English schedule and Ongoing Schedule institutions and input "Personal" and links Schedule, English schedule.
  • Purpose is shown under the column Undervisningstyp/Activities/Activity on the same input as above.

Current schedule

See the current schedule here.