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PhD Studies at MISU

The Department of Meterology offers PhD studies in a wide range of subjects within atmospheric and oceanographic studies, e.g. dynamical meteorology, physical oceanography, chemical meteorology and atmospheric physics. See Fields of Research or our Biannual Reports for more information about the research at MISU. Doctoral studies are full-time studies during four years.

How to apply as PhD student

Here you will find a summary of information from your Director of Studies.

PhD courses at MISU and The Bolin Centre

We offer a broad spectrum of courses for PhD students within atmospheric, oceanographic and geophysical sciences, together with Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

Documents for PhD students

Here are a few documents that are useful for you, when you are a PhD student at MISU. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the Director of Studies or an administrator.

Funding possibilities

Stockholm University provides a list with funding possibilites.

Search for MISU courses and programmes

Contact information

Visiting address
Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor
Svante Arrhenius Väg 16C
Frescati Campus

Student office
Tel. 08-162418

Study and Career Adviser
Ingrid Eronn
Tel. 08-162418

Directors of Studies, BSc and MSc programmes
Kristofer Döös
Tel. 08-161734

Inga Koszalka
Tel. 08-164314

Director of Studies, PhD programme
Michael Tjernström
Tel. 08-163110

IT for students

Support for students with disabilities

As a student with a documented disability you can apply for educational support.