Time limits

You have maximum 4 years of studies. However, there is an additional possiblity of maximum 20% department work (e.g. teaching or administration) that may give you up to one more year.

Requirements for a PhD

Examenskrav i forskarutbildningen vid MISU (Swe)

Exam Criteria PhD degree at MISU (Eng)


  • 4 papers, of which usually 2 published or accepted
  • 4 research seminars and 4 discussion/review seminars.
  • 75hp courses, of which 7.5hp is a compulsory introduction course, one pedagogics course and at least one of the general courses.

When you reach 50% of your education, you get a salary increase. That requires 1 submitted paper, 45hp and 4 seminars (of which 2 are research seminars).

When you reach 80% of your education, your get a salary increase again. That requries 3 submitted papers, 75hp and 6 seminars (of which 3 are research seminars).

Licentiate Degree

A Licentiate degree is equal to completion of the coursework required for a doctorate and a dissertation which is formally equivalent to half of a doctoral dissertation. This recommended after 2 years of PhD studies. The requirements are:

  • One submitted paper and a summary with overview
  • 45hp courses
  • 2 research seminars and 2 discission/review seminars.

Graduate student committee

A graduate student committee is there to support the student. It's members consists of student, supervisors, 2 other MISU teachers and one optional student mentor.

The committee meets once per year and decides on/updates the indiviual study plan. The student calls for the meeting before renewal of employment contract. The meeting should follow these guidelines.


MISU offers around 3-4 courses each year. You are also able to attend courses at the Bolin Centre as well as at other departments or universities.

Compulsory course
The General circulation, 15hp is compulsory. However, students with chemistry background can instead choose to replace this with Biogeochemical cycles, 7.5hp and Physics of the climate and general circulation, 7.5hp.

Recommended courses
- An introduction to teaching (especially if you intend to teach)
- Ethics seminar

Depending on the background of the PhD student, complementary courses in Meteorology or Oceangraphy might be needed.

In the end of each year, the Director of Studies usually sends out an email to all PhD students and ask what courses they would like/need to take during next year.

Courses external to MISU (e.g. summer courses) must be approved by the Head of PhD programme.


As a PhD student employed at MISU, you have the right to

  • 25000 SEK/4 years from MISU for travels
  • Prolongation of study time due to sick leave or parental leave