You book your research or review seminar by email to Agneta Malmberg. PhD seminars are usually on Thursdays at 2.15pm in the main lecture room (C609).

For all seminars a signed list of attendees must be submitted to Michael Tjernström afterwards. The list should be written on the printed announcement for the seminar.

You will earn 3hp if you attend 20 seminars (of which 10 are discussion) during your PhD education at MISU. You earn another 4.5hp when you have presented 8 seminars (4 research and 4 review/discussion).

Research seminars

Research seminars consist of a 20-25 minutes presentation and 5-10 minutes discussion. The one hour time slot can be shared between two students.
Tip: make your first research seminar about your previous diploma or master project. Following that, you are encourage to give one reseach seminar each year of your PhD.

Review seminars

Review seminars consist of 40-45 minutes presentation and 15-20 minutes question and discussion. They are usually arranged in a similar matter as the research seminars. But instead of presenting your own research, you choose 1-2 scientific papers or a specific topic to present.

Feedback for research and review seminars

You have the opportunity of having one seminar per year filmed. You will be contacted one week in advance to check if you want to be filmed.

In addition, an evaluation form is distributed after the presentation.

Discussion seminars

Discussion seminars you organize yourself, whenever you find a topic or a paper that can be interesting to discuss.

  1. Choose a topic or a scientific paper that can be discussed in detail.
  2. Choose a time and a place (usually one of the conference rooms).
  3. Send an email (including the paper or topic) to all PhD students and reseachers and ask who would be interested in the discussion. You need at least 4 PhD students and 1 researcher at the meeting.
  4. Prepare your seminar. First, you give a short presentation of the paper/topic. Also, prepare some opening questions to start off the dicussion. A discussion seminar usually lasts for 1 hour.

Ethics seminar

According to a decision made by the Faculty Board, it is compulsory for all graduate students admitted after Jan 1 2007 to attend a Ethics seminar once before you graduate. The seminar is organized once every semester, usually at the Department of Physics. When the date is set, PhD students receive an email with more information.

The seminar on Ethics in Research is based on the booklet "On being a Scientist" (A guide to responsible conduct in research) third edition, from National Academy of Sciences. When you have signed up, you will recieve a copy of the booklet well in advance of the seminar. You should study this booklet before the seminar and you are assumed to take active part in the seminar.