MISU offers a broad spectrum of postgraduate courses. Note, however, that many of these courses are not given on a regular basis. If you are interested in a course that is not currently scheduled, please contact our Director of Doctoral Studies, Michael Tjernström.

Graduate courses on climate issues can also be found on the website of the

Climate Research School of the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

If you can not find courses at our department, you can also check e.g.

as well as other universities like Lund, Uppsala, Göteborg, Bergen, Tromsö or Svalbard.

Also note that the Swedish e-Science Education offers a wide range of courses including programming, data management and modeling. 

Also note that it is possible to take any of our master courses. For example, if you do not have a background in meteorology, we recommend you to do Meteorogy I and Meteorology II. Please apply to our master courses trough antagning.se or universityadmissions.se (deadline 15 October and 15 March).

If you are a PhD student from another university in Sweden you can either join our graduate courses or master courses. If you are interested in the later, please apply trough antagning.se or universityadmissions.se

2020 Courses

Dynamic Meteorology, 15 hp, scheduled in two parts

Schedule Part I: Wednesdays weeks 02-09, starting 8 January
Schedule Part II in April - June, details TBD
Responsible: Johan Nilsson (nilsson@misu.su.se)

Climate Modeling, 2 Modules, 5 hp each

Schedule Module I: Lectures w10, preparations w9 and homework w11
Schedule Module II: Lectures w17, project work w18 & 19 and presentations w20
Responsible: Gunilla Svensson (gunilla@misu.su.se)

More information and registration for Climate Modeling

General Circulation, 15 hp

Schedule: TBD, Autumn 2020
Responsible: Johan Nilsson (nilsson@misu.su.se)

Advanced Oceanography, 7.5 hp

Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays weeks 36-43, starting August 31
Responsible: Jonas Nycander (jonas@misu.su.se)