Description of the course

This course deals with the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean and how the affect climate. The course begins with a description of the observed state of the climate and a delineation of the main questions and scope of the subject. This is followed by discussion of radiative-convective equilibrium and the height of the tropopause; Hadley cell dynamics and interaction with extratropical eddies; midlatitude dynamics, eddy momentum transport and eddy-driven jets; the ocean wind-driven circulation; the ocean meridional overturning circulation; theories for the response of Hadley cell width and storm track location to increased radiative forcing; theories for the response of the hydrological cycle to climate change; comparison of Earth's climate with planetary climates (Mars, Venus, Titan).

How is the course organized?

The course consists of lectures presented by both teachers and participants.


Take-home problem sets; oral examination.

Course Literature

Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics, G. K. Vallis and research articles.

Responsible teacher - contact

Johan Nilsson