Welcome to Sweden and Stockholm University!

For EU citizens and most other European countries: You can move to Sweden without applying for any kind of permit.

For non-European countries: When it is decided that you have been approved for as a PhD student at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU), MISU will apply for a visa for you.

On the first day of you arrival here you should visit Migrationsverket , the Swedish migrations Agency.

You need to have a working permit with you to this meeting. The permit will be issued by MISU. At Migrationsverket you will receive a preliminary identity card. This you can use during the approximately two weeks it takes for you to get your real ID-card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket.

In Sweden need a to have a “personnummer” (a personal identity number) for almost everything.

This is the first thing to do when you start working here. To get this number, you need to be registered in the Swedish population register at Skatteverket/the Swedish Tax Agency.

So the first thing to do (or second if you are non-european) is to visit Skatteverket to get your personnummer. The Skatteverket office closest to the University is located in the city center.

When you have your personnummer life in Sweden will become much easier. Find more information on beeing a new PhD student Introduction for PhD students (161 Kb)