General syllabus doctoral studies at MISU

This is the general syllabus for doctoral studies in Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography at MISU.

General syllabus for doctoral studies in Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography

Doktorandhandbok MISU

Some general infromation about life as a PhD student at MISU. The document is dated 2001 so some of the information is no longer valid - for example the credits needed for the degree.

Doktorandhandbok_MISU (57 Kb)

Guidelines for PhD committee meetings

This document describes the preparations necessary before and the procedure during a committee meeting.

Guidelines for committee meetings

Individual Study Plan

This is the docuement that you have to fill in, before every meeting with you PhD committee.

Individual Study Plan (pdf) (248 Kb)

Individual Study Plan (doc) (268 Kb)

Credited courses (Tillgodoräknade kurser)

If you have taken a course at another department of university, you need to fill in this document in order to get the credit registered in Ladok. You can use the same document for winter and summer schools etc.

Tillgodoräknade studier (19 Kb)

Apply for 50-80 percent

When you want to report 50 or 80% fullfilment of your PhD, you will use this document.

Apply 50_80_percent (pdf) (47 Kb)

Apply 50_80_percent (doc) (165 Kb)

Information on Licentiate Seminars at MISU

Ämnesansvarig has written some new rules and regulations around the Licentiate Seminar, including a useful timeline. This information can also be found under Dissertation - Licentiate Seminar.

Licentiate information

Degree requirements for PhD studies at MISU

Here is information on the degree requirements for PhD studies at MISU:
Exam Criteria PhD Degree