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Studying abroad

Most people agree that a period abroad will enrich their education, broaden the horizon and stimulate the personal development. Stockholm University offers many different kind of possibilities for students interested in doing a part of their education outside Sweden.

There are many studies and reports confirming the value of spending a period abroad. The most common way of doing this is to do an exchange for one or two semesters. But there are also other possibilities, for example as a free-mover, to take a summer course or do a traineeship.

So what are you waiting for? Somebody left the gate open...

Handbook for outgoing students

The University provides a digital handbook where you can find information about the application process if you decide to study abroad. It contains tips about housing, insurance and so on.

Erasmus programme

Here you can find more information about the EU Erasmus programme.

Exchange Students

To study one or two semesters abroad is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new academic environment and way of life as an integral part of your degree. Get more info and see our Erasmus+ partner departments!

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IT for students

Support for students with disabilities

As a student with a documented disability you can apply for educational support.