The guidance from the Swedish Public Health Agency must be followed at all times, meaning that:

  • gatherings of more than 50 persons are not allowed
  • physical distancing must be observed for teaching on campus
  • we will as far as possible avoid rush hour traffic, and spread campus teaching over time.

Policy for undergraduate education during the autumn semester

The Department of Meteorology strongly believes that on-campus teaching is generally to be preferred from a pedagogical point of view. Especially practical elements in courses (such as labs) and exams are difficult to replace, whereas lectures can be more easily transferred online with preserved quality. At the same time, we feel a great responsibility towards both staff and students, and wish to minimise the risk for transmission of disease. The following rules apply as long as they are in line with the recommendations from the government and other state authorities.

  • Students and staff are to follow the guidelines published by SU and the Swedish Public Health Agency, links below
  • Teaching will be held on campus
  • Exams will be held on campus
  • All teaching rooms will be set up in order to maintain physical distancing
  • Avoid rush hour as much as possible and try to avoid public transport.
  • Students are only allowed access to the department during scheduled teaching
  • Studying outside of classes is not allowed at the department premises


Contact your course coordinator if you have any questions regarding your course - see list in Swedish of course coordinators (kursansvariga/examinatorer).