This course gives an overview of and insight into the work material that a meteorologist applies in practice and contains:

  • meteorological observations and observations systems
  • analyses on various atmospheric levels
  • interpretation of different types of numerical weather prediction
  • conceptual models for weather systems
  • meteorological remote sensing for weather prediction

Admittance requirements

90 HECs in Meteorology, or equivalent. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B.


The schedule is to be found on the course-site. If there are any changes along the way, the schedule will be updated.

Course literature

Course literature will be handed out during the course.


The syllabus is a formal document for the course:

Syllabus (Swedish)

Course material

Grading criteria, course literature and other material and correspondence related to the course will be available on the course Mondo-site at or you can ask the responsible teacher.

Upcoming courses

Starts in the second half of the spring semester.


Via (Swedish) or (English). For more information see Application and admissions