The course deals with numerical methods to solve the hydrodynamic equations. It includes finite differences in time and space, with analysis of shortcomings in terms of stability, truncation error, computational modes, numerical phase and group speed, etc. The course also includes computer projects and the programming of a shallow-water model.

Admittance requirements

Knowledge corresponding to Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, 30 HECs (MO4000) or Meteorology I, 15 HECs (MO8001) and Meteorology II, 7.5 HECs (MO8002). Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B/6.


The schedule will be published at least one month before the course starts.

Schedule autumn 2020

Course literature

Döös, K.: Numerical Methods in Meteorology and Oceanography, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, 2008


The syllabus is a formal document for the course:

Course material

Grading criteria, course literature and other material and correspondence related to the course will be available on the course Athena-site at or you can ask the responsible lecturer Kristofer Döös.

Course report and course evaluation

MO8007 Numeriska metoder i meteorologi och oceanografi, HT19, kursrapport (16 Kb)

MO8007 Numerical methods in atmospheric science och oceanography, HT19, survey (137 Kb)


Upcoming courses

Starts during the first half of the autumn semester.


Via (Swedish) or (English). For more information see Application and admissions.