Date: 2014-05-28

Title: Identification of the response to volcanic eruption using Ensemble. 
Supervisors:  Abdel Hannachi/Francesco Pausata

Project description

Climate varies on a plethora of time (and spatial) scales resulting   from various types of forcing, such as solar variability, volcanic eruptions, and human-induced changes. The resulting climate will undoubtedly affect our   environment and society via, for example, changes in surface temperature or precipitation.

In the real world these forcings interact in a complex nonlinear fashion to produce the mean climate state. It is very important to have at least an estimate of the contribution of each forcing to the mean state not least because of its effect on society, climate sensitivity identification and prediction of future climate changes. This can be achieved using climate models with "thought experiments".

In this project the student will analyse a set of ensemble simulations of a volcanic   eruption performed using an Earth System model. The different simulations share the same forcing, and the task is to identify the volcano signal in the 2m-surface temperature from the natural interannual variability.

The student will use the ANOVA statistical tool to investigate this problem.