Date: 2014-05-28

Title: Analysis of the Asian summer monsoon variability using the long MPI control simulation
Supervisors: Abdel Hannachi, Andy Turner (University of Reading)

Project description

The Asian summer monsoon is a highly nonlinear complex system that affects one of the most populated regions in the world.  The monsoon normally has most impact on society through active and break phases of enhanced and reduced rainfall respectively.  These phases belong to the intraseasonal time scale but are also controlled by large-scale boundary conditions at interannual and possibly decadal time scales.  This potentially offers scope for additional predictability across time scales in the monsoon system.  The monsoon system is analysed using reanalyses and also climate models.
This project will use the MPI (Max-Planck Institute) climate model, which is shown to simulate the climatology and intraseasonal variability of the monsoon reasonably well when compared to other CMIP5 models.  The project involves analysing a 1000-year long control simulation to investigate the nonlinearity of Asian summer monsoon dynamics and comparing the monsoon states with those obtained from the ERA-40 reanalyses.  The project also involves investigating the role played by lower boundary conditions on interannual and decadal time scales.
External collaboration. Collaboration with my colleague Andy Turner from the University of Reading is expected.