The Degree Project gives experience of scientific work in meteorology, oceanography or climate. The work may be done either internally or externally, i.e. outside the Department of Meteorology. You will choose the project in agreement with a supervisor. The work will be reported both in a scientific paper and through an oral presentation.

Course material

For a course description, grading criteria, course literature and other material and correspondence related to the course, please see the course Athena-site at or ask the responsible lecturer.

Checklist student degree project MISU (251 Kb)

Checklist supervisor degree project MISU (318 Kb)

Checklist contact supervisor degree project (106 Kb)

Some advice for external degree projects (80 Kb)

Template Degree project plan master (word) (19 Kb)


Schedules are published on the course Athena-site about 1 month before the course starts. If there are any changes along the way, the schedules are updated and a notification is sent out via Athena.


Via (Swedish) or (English). For more information see Application and admissions.

Upcoming courses

Starts at any time. Contact the study advisor for registration.

Admittance requirements

Knowledge corresponding to a Bachelor's degree, as well as 30 HECs Second level courses in an area relevant for the project. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B.


The syllabus is a formal document for the course:

For a more detailed description of the course, please see the course description at