This course deals with cloud formation from droplet scale to planetary scale. This includes the formation and occurrence of condensation and ice nuclei, as well as their physical and chemical properties. Further subjects are the formation of precipitation, the large-scale processes that precondition cloud formation, the significance of clouds for radiation, and how clouds are described in numerical forecast and climate models.

Admittance requirements

Knowledge corresponding to Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, 30 HECs (MO4000), or Meteorology I, 15 HECs (MO8001) and Meteorology II, 7.5 HECs (MO8002). Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B/6.


The schedule will be published at least one month before the course starts.

Schedule HT19

Course literature

Physics and Chemistry of Clouds
Dennis Lamb, Johannes Verlinde
Book DOI: (available through the Geo-library)
Online ISBN: 9780511976377
Hardback ISBN: 9780521899109

A few scientific papers will be distributed during the course.


The syllabus is a formal document for the course:

Course material

Grading criteria, course literature and other material and correspondence related to the course will be available on the course Athena-site at or you can ask the responsible lecturer.

Upcoming courses

Starts during the second half of the autumn semester.


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