This course deals with the Earth’s climate system, encompassing its biogeochemical cycles and their influence on the climate. The course has a strong inter-disciplinarily profile and includes the Earth’s geological history, global and Baltic Sea perspectives on biogeochemical cycles, and the human influence on the natural cycles. A seminar task, where the participants in association with a supervisor study a specific topic in depth, is an important course element for achieving the full 15 HEC/ETCS.

Admittance requirements

Knowledge corresponding to a Bachelor's degree i Meteorology, Geological sciences, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Biophysics or Biology-Earth science. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B.


The schedule will be publisched one month before the course starts.

You find the VT18 schedule for the 7,5 Credits course here and the 15 Credits course here.


The syllabus is a formal document for the course:

Course material

Earth System Science: From Biogeochemical Cycles to Global Change, Academic Press, 2000. Editors: Michael C. Jacobson, Robert J. Charlson, Henning Rodhe & Gordon H. Orians

Grading criteria, course literature and other material and correspondence related to the course will be available on the course Athena-site at or you can ask the responsible lecturer Caroline Leck.

Upcoming courses

Starts during the first half of the spring semester.


Via (Swedish) or (English). For more information see Application and admissions.