Here you can study the dynamics of the weather systems, large-scale circulation, radiation and chemistry, the ocean circulation and the different cycles of the climate system. This gives you the basic understanding of climate change and how human activities can affect the climate. After our Bachelor's programme you can apply to our Master's programme in atmospheric science, oceanography and climate

The first two years of the Bachelor's program in Meteorology

The first two years of the programme, containing Mathematics and Physics and given together with the Bachelor's program in Physics, are given in Swedish only. 

Courses during the first two years of the Bachelor’s programmes:

  • Classical physics, 30 credits, FK3014
  • Electromagnetism and waves, 7.5 credits, FK5019
  • Experimental physics, 7.5 credits, FK5021
  • Mathematics II - Analysis, part A, 7.5 credits, MM5010
  • Mathematics II - Analysis, part B, 7.5 credits, MM5011
  • Mathematics II - Linear algebra, 7.5 credits, MM5012
  • Mathematics for the Natural sciences I, 15 credits, MM2002
  • Mathematics for the Natural sciences II, 15 credits, MM4001
  • Programming, numerical methods and statistics for physicists, 15 credits, FK4026
  • Quantum mechanics, 7.5 credits, FK5020

The third year of the Bachelor's program in Meteorology

Most of our first level courses in Meteorology, Oceanography and Climate are given in English and can thus be studied as separate courses. 

During the third year of the Bachelor's programme the courses are all about Meteorology, Oceanography and Climate and given at the Department of Meteorology (MISU). You apply Maths, Physics and Chemistry to the atmosphere and oceans. The third year ends with a degree project of 15 credits.

Courses during the third year of the Bachelor's programme (all first level courses in Meteolorgy):

  • Atmospheric physics and chemistry, 30 credits, MO4000
  • Climate and atmospheric circulation, 15 credits, MO4001
  • Fluid mechanics, 7.5 credits, MO5001
  • Meteorology, degree project, 15 credits, MO6003
  • Weather, Climate, Energy and Society, 7.5 credits (for teachers to be), MO5000

Application and special eligibility requirements

Apply at (Swedish) before April 16. Besides from the general requirements for studying at Stockholm University, the Bachelor's programmes in Meteorology and Oceanography also requires the following special knowledge: Mathematics D, Physics B and Chemistry A. See education plan (attached file below) for detailed information about eligibility requierments. Read more about Application and admissions