Former MISU students in varying careers.
Former MISU students in varying careers.


The two biggest employers for meteorologists in Sweden are SMHI and the Swedish Armed Forces, where you can work with forecasting, investigations, development and research. Other employers are SVT and TV4. During the last couple of years several private weather agencies have established offices in Sweden, such as for example Foreca.

Many meteorologists and oceanographers also work with environmental, energy and climate related projects, both in the private and public sector. Your knowledge is needed by counties and public authorities, but nowadays also by energy and insurance companies. A great advantage of the Master’s programme in meteorology, oceanography and climate is that it gives you a broad knowledge before entering the job market. You will not only have studied the atmosphere and oceans, but also quite a lot of Mathematics, Physics, computer science and programming.

Last but not least the world of today needs more scientists and researchers who can increase our knowledge and understanding of weather and climate, especially when it comes to consequences and preventive measures associated with the changing climate. Our Master’s programme in meteorology, oceanography and climate gives you access to both national and international PhD studies.

Examples of employers:

Försvarsmaktens vädertjänst
Stockholms stad (Klimat och miljö)
Telge Krafthandel AB
MMT (Marine survey services)
Sirius International Insurance Group (Försäkringar)
Bixia (Elhandelsföretag)
Pöyry Swedpower (kunskapsföretag inom energi- och kraftsektorn, tidigare Vattenfall Power Consultant)

The significance of the Bologna process

We predict that the Bologna process furthermore will improve the way that master of science students are accepted by employers. One reason for this is that the master degree ranges over five years, which gives the students great opportunities to gain deeper knowledge within their field of studies. There is also time for more practical courses as well as preparatory research activities.

The Bologna process also means that the education has been internationalized. A basic idea is that it should be easier to study courses at other universities in Sweden or abroad. Then it is of course an advantage that the Master’s programmes at Stockholm University has the same length as in many other countries. Both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme thereby give access to the international job market.

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