Application to all our programmes and courses is done via the national admissions website at (Swedish) or at (English). If you are not admitted to a programme or conditionally admitted you must apply to courses within the programme at / There you can follow what happens with your application and read decisions and notifications of selection results. The application deadlines are:

Students within Sweden, EU, EES, or Switzerland:
April 15 for the autumn semester
October 15 for the spring semester
Apply at

Non-EU and non-EES students:
January 16 for the autumn semester
August 15 for the spring semester
Apply at

Please observe that the April admission round is only suggested for students from EU/EEA countries as they do not need a residence permit. Non-EU/EEA students will most likely not have enough time to obtain their permit before the start of the semester.

After the deadline it is still possible to apply to programmes and courses with an 'Add' button next to them in the result list, after you complete a course search at or Most of our courses and programmes are open for late applications until about two weeks before each course starts. You will find more information about the application process in the Application step-by-step guide at Study in Stockholm (


It is compulsory to confirm acceptance, otherwise your place will be given to another student. You can find information on how to do this on the notification, at (Swedish), (English), or at the Stockholm University website.

Conditional acceptance

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the program or course you applied to when the assessment is made, but it is likely that you will do it at the beginning of the course, you will usually get a conditional acceptance. This means that you must contact the study advisor at MISU (if the condition is for the specific eligibility) or the Student services in Studenthuset (if the condition is for the general eligibiligy), in order to show that you meet the requirements by the start of the course. This occurs for example if you during the same semester have applied to several courses that build on each other, or if you have applied for a degree but it is not yet issued.

Tuition and application fees

Applicants from countries outside the EU, the EES, and Switzerland are required to pay both an application fee and tuition fees. For more information please see: Tuition and application fees (


After being accepted you must be registered on the programme or course you are studying. Accepted students can register online through the University account My University. About one week before each course starts you will get access to the course's Mondo-site, which is a password protected site through which teachers and students communicate. If you are accepted with some condition you must show to the study adviser that you fulfil the general and/or specific entry requirements before the programme/course starts. If you want to take a course again, please contact our study adviser in order to be registered.

Late applications

When the last day to apply has passed, it is still possible to submit a late application to courses and programmes that have an “Add" button next to them in the result list when you do a search at (Swedish) and (English). Most of our courses and programmes are open for late applications until about a month before each course starts.

Important dates

You can find important information concerning application dates, semester dates et cetera at the Stockholm University website Study in Stockholm