This year is a special year for environmental research in Sweden, because, in honor of the fortieth year of the accession of Kung Carl XVI Gustaf to the throne, not one but two Kung Carl XVI Professors in Environmental Science have been appointed. These are Raymond Pierrehumbert, who is conducting his research based at Stockholm University, and Walker Smith who is based at University of Gothenburg.

Professor Smith works on climate change and polar oceanography, while Pierrehumbert works on a range of atmospheric and carbon cycle problems, some of which span both ocean and atmosphere. The two Professors will give back-to-back lectures on some of their research for the year, followed by an open discussion over fika.

Seminar titles 

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: Today and tomorrow, by Prof. Walker Smith
Arctic climate change: What makes it special, by Prof. Raymond Pierrehumbert

Date: 22 April, 2015
Time: 14:00–16:00
Place: William Olsson room, Geoscience Building, Stockholm University