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Welcome to MISU

At the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, we conduct research and education in an international environment within four main areas: Atmospheric Physics, Dynamic Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Chemical Meteorology.

Map of Frescati

Find your way to MISU

A description how to find us by subway and bus. Maps are also supplied. The department of meteorology is located at Frescati in the Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor of house C.

Carl-Gustaf Rossby

The origin of MISU

In 1947 Carl-Gustaf Rossby arrived to Sweden from the United States to strengthen research at the newly created Department of Meteorology (MISU) at Stockholm University.

Carl-Gustaf Rossby

The International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm (IMI)

The International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm (IMI) was originally created in 1955 under the leadership of Carl-Gustav Rossby to promote international scientific co-operation within the atmospheric, oceanic and climate sciences and closely related fields.


About Stockholm

Here is a video about Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden. It contains some interesting information about the city, if you are planning on moving here, or maybe already live here.

People at MISU

Learn more about, and come in contact with, the staff working at MISU: teachers, researchers, administrative staff, and students. An exhaustive list of people working at MISU.

Contact Information

Phone: +46(0)8-16 20 00 (switchboard)

Visiting address
Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th Floor
Svante Arrhenius Väg 16C
Frescati Campus

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Department of Meteorology
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm

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Stockholms universitet
Postbox 50741
202 70 Malmö
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