About the department

At the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU) we conduct research and education in an international environment within four main areas:

  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Dynamic Meteorology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Chemical Meteorology

There is a strong focus on climate and on processes important for the climate and it's development in all these areas. The department is a part of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research where we together with three other university departments conduct research into many important aspects of the climate system.

The department employs about 70 individuals, of which about 30 are scientists, 25 PhD students and 15 are in administration and technical support personnel.

Delegation of authority (Beslutsordning)

A new Delegation of authority for MISU was approved on March 10, 2021.
For MISU employees: the document is stored on the internal server X:\Old X\Beslut och delegation MISU.

Department Board /Institutionsstyrelse

Information about the Department Board at MISU / Information om institutionsstyrelsen vid MISU.

The Prefektråd

Information about the Prefektråd at MISU / Information om prefektrådet vid MISU.

Faculty Council / Lärarråd

Information about the Faculty Council at MISU / Information om lärarrådet vid MISU.

Administration and economy questions

Sara Engström, Head of Administration

Marianne Lagerklint, HR Officer, Communicator

Agneta Malmberg, IMI administrator, purchasing, archives

Albert de Haan, Economist

Susanne Ericson, Financial administrator

Student questions

Ingrid Eronn, Study and career counsellor and administrator

IT, workshop and laboratory questions

Sergej Karetnikov, Data and system technician

Nils Walberg, Research engineer

Joachim Dillner, Research engineer

Anna Banasiak, Research engineer

Anna Lewinschal, Scientific programmer

Special responsibilities

Here you can find a list of people responsible for issues related to your work environment at MISU.

  • Work environment, including safety related issues
  • Archive
  • IT Security
  • Equality
  • Environment
  • Procurement
  • Head of PhD Council

Working groups

Here are links to all MISU working groups, their objectives and members. /
Här är länkar till MISU:s arbetsgrupper, deras syfte och medlemmar.

  • Arbetsmiljö- och likabehandlingsgruppen /Work environment and equality group
  • Miljögruppen /Environment group
  • Forskarutbildningsgruppen /Graduate Education group
  • Grundutbildningsgruppen /Undergraduate Education group
  • Webbgruppen /Web group
  • Seminariegruppen /Seminar group
  • Sociala aktiviteter /Social activities