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Ulla Hammarstrand, prefekt

Information about Lärarrådet (Faculty council) at MISU

Lärarrådet has been established after a suggestion that was put forward in connection to the work within the improvement project at MISU (prefektbeslut 2011-04-27). Lärarrådet is part of the proposed new governance structure for MISU which should be transparent and inclusive for everyone at the department.

Lärarrådet will consist of all permanently employed teachers at MISU. This group represents the future and has to take responsibility for long-term strategy at the department. Other persons, with special competence or knowledge, may be asked to attend at meetings.

Lärarrådet will not make any decisions but be a council for the prefekt. Decisions are made by the prefekt or by the department board.

Lärarrådet will discuss

  • general content of educational programmes at all levels (undergrad -> PhD)
  • long-term questions concerning research (focus areas, funding strategies)
  • allocation of resources (PhD funding, recruitment, space, administrative personnel)
  • rules and principles underlying the bemanningsplan

but not specific details of day-to-day operation of MISU.

The prefekt sets the agenda. (Suggestion to the prefekt may be made by all, possible previous discussion may be made by Prefektrådet or some other group appointed by the prefekt.) Questions are set in advance, but may be raised at the meeting and discussed if time allows or may be postponed to following meetings at prefekt's discretion. Agenda and material will be sent out one week in advance and be publically available.

Meetings will normally take place the first Wednesday of every month during semesters at 13.00-15.00 (limit). The prefekt may call for extra meetings in case of extreme urgency or may call off ordinary meetings if everyone in Lärarrådet agrees.

Information from a meeting will be given by the prefekt at the following Tuesday coffee break. A written, short summary of the meeting, will be available at the coffee break for those interested.

A continues “follow-up” is made at the end of every meeting by the members of the Lärarådet. An evaluation will be made at the end of the fall.