The MISU department board handles a variety of important issues related to education and research at the department, such as course curriculum, teaching arrangements, admission of graduate students, budgets and requests from the students.

The board consists of seven members and a permanent secretary. The members are normally elected for three years with the exception of student representatives who have a term of one year. Student representatives are appointed by the Student Union (graduate student representative on a proposal from the PhD Council at the department).

The Board is composed as follows for 2021-2023:

Chairman: Rodrigo Caballero, Head of Department
Vice Chairman: Johan Nilsson, Deputy Head of Department
Secretary: Sara Engström, Head of Administration

Valkorp 1 (teachers) 

- Frida Bender
- Léon Chafik
- Thorsten Mauritsen
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Jörg Gumbel, Inga Koszalka, Jonas Nycander

Valkorp 2 (TA personnel) 

- Ingrid Eronn
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Anna Lewinschal, Albert de Haan

Valkorp 3 (students) 

- Aiden Jönsson
- Oskar Åslund (undergraduate)
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Lina Broman, Björn Linder, Karolina Siegel, vacant (undergraduate)

For employees: Board minutes can be found on the X-drive.