The sun is low in the photos (see below); that is because we are getting close to the dateline but still use UTC-time on board. This means that the sun is the lowest close to lunch and the highest around midnight. Constantly adjusting the time on board to where we are, would create chaos; after a few days no one would know what time it really is and where. Not to mention that all measurements need a common time stamp. Besides, many groups have worked around the clock in shifts and then it doesn't really matter.

We are still in the ice, but not for very long now. We actually finished the intended SWERUS research stations a few days ago, but did so early. So we have added two bonus areas. One is now completed and we are now steaming towards Wrangel Island and Herald Canyon for a second bonus station. We might be there in 3 days or so; from Wrangel it should be something like two days to Barrow. Of course - as always - the meteorology program keeps ticking continuously; measurements running and soundings being made around the clock.

Yesterday we had a "hotdog party" on foredeck and celebrated the success so far; tonight we'll have a "Saturday Dinner Party". Hence the fist leg of SWERUS/ACSE is soon coming to an end. Five new atmospheric scientists will embark in Barrow as five longing for home will disembark. Maybe a week, maybe ten days from now; maybe a bit more than that - everything depends on the ice up here. For sure, on the 22nd I'll be on that plane heading for home."


Same sun, same day but with very different appearance!



Oden 2014-08-09

Michael Tjernström
Department of Meteorology
Stockholm University