Open water
Picture 1: Open water

For a while we dwelled outside the river Lena; the sea water temperature peaked at 7°C and we even had a little convection with a few rain showers; not very Arctic Ocean. Otherwise the weather has been rather boring; not much wind, which is good, but a lot of clouds and fog (see photos), which is somewhat depressing. The forecast seem to indicate a little windier conditions for a few days, but in the ice that doesn't matter all that much.


Picture 2: Convective clouds
Picture 2: Convective clouds

It has been hectic several days with numerous stations for sampling water and sea floor in the hunt of - among other things - methane. The meteorology program (ACSE), has a different and more continuous pace and keeps ticking on as planned; right now most measurement systems seem to work (knock on wood!).


Oden 2014-07-27

Michael Tjernström
Department of Meteorology
Stockholm University