Research scientist Gabriele Messori at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU), will receive the European Geosciences Union award for Outstanding Early Career Scientist. The award is in Atmospheric Sciences and was assigned in recognition of his work on extreme weather events, combining analysis approaches from different disciplines. Gabriele Messori did his Ph. D. at Imperial College London and has worked at MISU during 2014-2015 as a post-doctoral researcher and again since September 2016 as research scientist.

Gabriele Messori
Gabriele Messori

How does it feel to have received this award?

− It was a pleasant surprise! I certainly didn't expect to receive the award, but knowing that one's work is appreciated is always encouraging, says Gabriele Messori.

Why do you think you’ve got it?

− If I had to describe a strength of my research activity, it would be that it has been both broad in scope and focused in aim. My aim has always been to better understand and predict the occurrence of extreme weather events, mainly in the mid-latitudes. At the same time, I have investigated a wide range of events, ranging from cold wintertime spells to intense precipitation in windstorms: I have applied a number of different approaches, issued from conventional atmospheric dynamics, statistics and dynamical systems theory.

What is your ongoing research about?

− I am currently focusing on applying approaches developed in other disciplines to the study of extreme weather. These include dynamical systems theory approaches, machine learning algorithms and causal effect networks.

Do you think this prize will be of any use for you further on?

− I certainly hope so! First of all, I see it as a motivation to continue along my current lines of research. Moreover, I hope it will give some added visibility to my recent and current work.

Gabriele Messori will receive the award at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna in April 2019.