The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) was held in Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu from 23-28 February 2014. OSM is the largest international assembly of ocean scientists, engineers, students, educators, policy makers, and other stake holders.

Sessions included all aspects of oceanography, especially multidisciplinary topics, as well as presentations that reflect new research important for the society, including science education, outreach and public policy. After increasing evidence of multiple human impacts on the oceans it was an imporant meeting for both this community and others.

Picture by Léon Chafik
Picture by Léon Chafik

The location of the conference is describe on their website like this:

"What better place to hold the meeting than an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where there is emphasis on mauka to makai (ridge to reef) connection, the ultimate in ecosystem-based management; where there is interest in combining traditional knowledge with science-based understanding; where islands are in threat of disappearing from sea level rise; and where East and West can easily meet? Throughout their history, Hawaiians have demonstrated a thorough understanding of sustainability with an approach to land and water use that allowed them to self-sustain nearly one million islanders. Today they build on that heritage with innovations in science and clean energy. Hawaii is a place where interdependence and sustainability are both historic and necessary."

7 researchers from MISU contributed to the conference with posters and presentations:

Léon Chafik
Joakim Kjellsson
Filippa Fransner
Jenny Hieronymus
Magnus Hieronymus 
Jonas Nycander
Johan Nilsson

and 2 close collaborators from Department of Geological Sciences

Agatha de Boer
Robert Graham