The Board of the Foundation Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th Anniversary Fund for Sceince, Technology and Environment decided at its meeting on November 7 to appoint two holders of King Carl XVI Gustaf Professorship in Enviromental Science. One of them is Professor Raymond T Pierrehumbert and he will be hosted by the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University.

Professor Raymond T Pierrehumbert is since 1989 professor at Chicago University. He is one of the most internationally prominent and diverse climate scientists with broad knowledge  and depth in the atmosphere and climate system dynamics and the carbon cycle. He is deeply involved in the climate debate societal issues as social costs and economic consequences.
Professor Pierrehumbert will during his stay in Sweden will be active in three areas; carbon accumulation and feedback mechanisms between terrestrial systems and the atmosphere, socio-economic implications of climate change and climate policy, and attempt to better understand the likelihood of disaster scenarios in different climate models.

More information can be found here (in Swedish)