Jon Egill Kristjánsson
Jon Egill Kristjánsson (1960-2016)

Jón Egill had strong ties to MISU and was a frequent guest at Stockholm University. Jón Egill always showed very large willingness to cooperate and his calm, factual and competent advice has contributed greatly to the quality of MISU's activities. He was an invaluable expert, opponent and member of various boards, as well as a teacher on different courses in MISU's graduate program. He also contributed as an expert in the national evaluation of the meteorology education and to several public events in Sweden, among other things he was an invited speaker at a climate symposium arranged by the Swedish Research Council. As a leader of the Nordic Earth system modelling collaboration effort (NordicESM) and as a developer of the climate model NorESM, which is frequently used at MISU, Jon Egill made invaluable contributions to climate research in the Nordic countries. For these efforts, the Faculty of Science 2013 selected Jón Egill as an Honorary Doctor of Stockholm University after a nomination by the employees at the Department of Meteorology.

Today, our thoughts go first and foremost to Jon Egill's family who has lost a husband, father and son. The research community has lost an invaluable colleague and MISU has lost a good friend.