New vessel at Askö Laboratory

The Erling-Persson family foundation decided in 2013 to contribute with 30 mSEK to Stockholm University for building a new modern ice-breaking research vessel. In July 2014 a contract was signed with a shipbuilding yard. The vessel was delivered in June 2016.

Jonas Nycander at his presentation. Photo: Kristofer Döös


Except for the guided tours onboard R/V Electra, reseachers from different departments gave their perspectives on how this research vessel can be used in the future.

Lectures (mostly held in Swedish)

  • R/V Electra: Ny teknik, nya samarbeten, ny forskning och nya möjligheter
    • Martin Jakobsson, Institutionen för Geologiska vetenskaper, Stockholms universitet
  • Vilken fysisk oceanografi kan vi utföra med nya fartyget?
    • Jonas Nycander, Meteorologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
  • Seafloor evidence for collapse of the southern Scandinavian Ice Sheet
    • Sarah Greenwood, Institutionen för Geologiska vetenskaper, Stockholms universitet
  • Havbottnarnas ekosystemfunktioner: från småskaliga experiment till storskalig förståelse
    • Alf Norkko, Tvärminne Zoologiska station, Helsingfors universitet

See the presentations on Baltic Sea Centre Youtube Channel

More information about R/V Electra can be found at Baltic Sea Centre.