Atmosphere Ocean Single Column Model AOSCM
Atmosphere Ocean Single Column Model AOSCM.

Kerstin Hartung, PhD student at MISU
Gunilla Svensson, professor at MISU

Atmosphere Ocean Single Column Model AOSCM, concept and first applications

The seminar is a part of the workshop on Arctic air mass transformations, held at MISU Nov 7-9.



Coupled Single-Column Model Framework for Marine and Polar Processes

The polar regions are known for their complex small-scale processes that need to be parameterized in models, such as the formation of clouds, boundary layer mixing in ocean and atmosphere, sea ice formation/melt and the surface energy exchanges. These processes are also involved in substantial feedback mechanisms in the climate system. Numerical models, both for weather forecasts and climate applications, have been shown to have large biases in polar regions that may originate from these parameterized processes. An innovative single column model framework has been developed. It builds on the more commonly used atmosphere-only and ocean-only frameworks and extends to capture the entire system from ocean bottom, through the sea ice and snow, to the top-of-atmosphere. The framework will be explained in the presentation and some initial test cases and comparison to observational data will be provided.

Time and Place
Tuesday November 7th 2017, 11.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor

(This event has taken place.)