Joakim Kjellsson
British Antarctic Survey, UK

A Song of Ice and Seawater

Time and place
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 11.15
Room C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor


Since the dawn of the satellite era in the late 70’s, we have seen an increase in Antarctic sea ice which has not yet been fully explained. It may be due to naturally occurring multidecadal variability of the Southern Ocean, recent ozone depletion, or melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

In this talk, the multidecadal variability of the Southern Ocean will be discussed. Recent research indicates that the occurrence of polynyas (ice-free areas in the sea ice pack) in the mid-70’s may explain the recent increase in Antarctic sea as well warming of the Circumpolar Deep Water and change in abyssal water masses. Some preliminary results of understanding the mechanisms behind the sea ice trends will also be presented.