Corinna Hoose
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Ice formation in mixed-phase clouds: constraints on small and large scales

Time and place
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 15.00
Room C609, Arrhenius Labo0ratory, 6th floor

Between 0 and -37°C, ice formation in clouds is triggered by aerosol particles acting as heterogeneous ice nuclei, or by pre-existing ice particles (ice multiplication processes). Through laboratory studies, the ability of different aerosol species (dusts of different composition, biological particles, soot) is studied in detail and quantified via empirical parameterizations. These can be applied in models on different scales to predict primary ice formation, subsequent microphysical processes and finally the ice mass fraction, hydrometeor size distributions and macrophysical properties of mixed-phase clouds. In this presentation, I will review which constraints for the ice formation processes and the final cloud phase distributions are available and how they can be used.