Roman Bardakov, PhD student at MISU. Credit: MISU.
Roman Bardakov, PhD student at MISU. Credit: MISU.


Roman Bardakov
PhD student at MISU


Sources and sinks of aerosols over the Amazon Basin


Several new observational studies (Andreae et al., 2018) suggest a high (up to 10 000 per squared cm) number concentration of fine-size aerosol particles in the upper troposphere. Such a huge amount cannot be explained with simple transport from boundary layer and is attributed to the process of in-situ formation from gaseous precursors. The elevated amount of larger particles ( > 90 nm) was also observed in the upper troposphere. They consisted mostly of organic matter and nitrate and formed efficient CCN.
These observations can lead to a better understanding of the aerosol burden as well as understand deep convective clouds as transporters of aerosols both upwards and downwards.


Time and Place

Thursday May 3rd 2018, 14.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor