Lina Broman
PhD student at MISU


New comprehensive global gravity wave climatology of the middle atmosphere based on atmospheric limb emissions


In atmospheric climate models, gravity wave parametrizations are needed to simulate the influence of subgrid-scale atmospheric gravity waves since the spatial resolution of most models are too coarse to properly resolve the small scales of gravity waves. Incorporating these subgrid-scale waves using parametrizations in the models are necessary to produce realistic wind and temperature variations, but they are very simplified. Comparison between models and global observations are therefore needed to improve the parametrizations. A new gravity wave climatology based on atmospheric limb emissions observed by satellite (GRACILE) has recently been produced (Ern et al., 2018).
In this seminar, I will discuss atmospheric gravity waves sources and observations methods using limb viewing satellites and present the climatology from GRACILE.


Time and Place

Thursday May 17th, 14.45
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor