09:30-10:00, Peter Lundberg: “A 40-year old shelf wave problem resolved?”
10:00-10:30, Alan Cuthbertson: “Experimental modelling of the effects of rotation and
channel topography on gravity currents.”
10:30-11:00, Janek Laanearu: “Analytical solutions of Rotating Hydraulics and on
applications in the Baltic Sea.”

11:00-11:30, Coffee

11:30-12:00, Peter Davies: “Modelling mode 2 internal solitary waves.”
12:00-12:30, Jenny Nilsson: “Sloshing in half-cylindrical tanks.”

12:30-13:30, Lunch

13:30-14:00, Jan Erik Weber: “Mean drift in baroclinic Rossby waves.”
14:00-14:30, Gösta Walin: “Boundary layers in rotating stratified fluids.”
14:30-15:00, Lars Petter Røed: “Towards an operational, fine scale Oslofjord model
utilizing the curvilinear option in ROMS.”

15:00-15:30, Coffee

15:30-16:00, Peter Sigray: “Forays into electrodynamic oceanography.”
16:00-16:30, Thomas Rossby: “Concentrated eddy kinetic energy in the Iceland Basin.”

Symposium Lundberg (1120 Kb)


(This event has taken place.)