Name: Sebastian Scher
PhD student at MISU

Title: Mid-Latitude storms sensitive to SST-gradients?

Sebastian Scher, PhD student at MISU.
Sebastian Scher, PhD student at MISU.

The Gulf Stream region is one of the worlds major regions of cyclogenesis. The strong SST-gradients constituting the Gulf Stream are known to play a role in this. But how are single storms influenced by the presence of the Gulf Stream? Is there a typical response of storms to the presence of the Gulf Stream, or does every storm respond differently?
During his master research at KNMI, Sebastian Scher tried to answer this question. Via simulating a number of storm cases with the NWP-model HARMONIE, it is shown that the response of storms is manifold. Two physical mechanism are proposed to explain how the Gulf Stream influences the development of mid-latitude storms.

Time and Place:
Thursday Oct 12th 2017, 14.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor