Gualtiero Badin
University of Hamburg

Prof. Gualtiero Badin, University of Hamburg.
Prof. Gualtiero Badin, University of Hamburg.

Stretching, folding, stirring and mixing by submesoscale dynamics in the ocean


Research interests

Physics, especially geophysical fluid dynamics and physics of the ocean, the atmosphere and the climate, viewed from very large to small scales. Parts of my research cover the following topics:

  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Large-, meso- and sub-mesoscale ocean and atmospheren dynamics
  • Dynamical instabilities in fluids and geophysical fluids
  • Geostrophic turbulence
  • Water mass transformation theory
  • Ocean-Climate variability
  • Coastal dynamics

My research methods include development of analytical models, comparison of theoretical results with observations as well as realistic and idealized numerical models.


Time and Place
Tuesday March 27th 2018, 11.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor